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First off, as every Ohio State University grad should, let me say GO BUCKS! I spent five wonderful years studying at one of the greatest universities in the country. Since then, I spent the past several years applying that education to real life experience as a Marketing Coordinator and Digital Marketing Manager.

On a more personal level, I grew up in a military family, which meant moving around, changing homes and friends every few years, but one thing has always been a constant in my life—the auto industry. From motorcycles to sports cars, I love it all. I admire the beauty and thrive in the racing. No matter where we lived, you could find me at the local track or browsing a dealership. When I couldn’t be there in the flesh, my TV was always tuned into a motorsport event whether it was Formula 1, MotoGP, IndyCar, NASCAR, AMA or WSBK. For as long as I can remember, I spent my summers traveling to races and rooting for the greats like Schumacher, Rossi, Doug Chandler, Nicky Hayden, and Dale Earnhardt. Eventually my family settled down just outside of Dayton, Ohio, where I went on to graduate from THE Ohio State University with a BA in Communication Technology and a Minor in Business.

Upon graduation I landed a job working for an online motorcycle aftermarket parts, apparel, and accessories store, Riders Discount, in Holland, Michigan. The company even had its own professional AMA race team, which I was able to travel with throughout the year.  I was working with professional riders that just a few years before found me waiting in line for their autographs. I went from sideline fanatic to edge of the track correspondent and it was the thrill of a lifetime.

At Riders Discount I was the director of marketing, social media, and advertising.  I was also responsible for content creation, graphic design work, and brand management.  In just under two years, I grew the company's brand image into an internationally recognized name averaging 750,000 users reached and 50,000+ organic interactions per month.  Growing the brand was done while simultaneously accomplishing numerous projects and responsibilities for the company, including helping to start another company.  

All that experience was great, and I’ll never forget it, but at the end of the day, the everlasting snow of a Michigan winter just wasn’t for me. During all that time, I had a dream to move to away from the cold to California. My dream came true when I joined the Acorn Woods team in SoCal. Year round riding weather or windows down with that ocean breeze? It was a no brainer.

At Acorn Woods I am the Digital Marketing Manager. I oversee all our clients paid advertising efforts with a primary focus on internet advertising via Facebook or Google. I am responsible for building the campaign and creative strategy, researching target keywords and phrases, implementing and optimizing creative for efficient ad spend and positive ROI. I also am the project lead for all website builds for our clients. In the past couple years, I’ve lead and helped create website builds with a focus on increasing organic search results, decreasing page load time, and optimizing the user experience.  

More recently, one of the projects I created and lead was implementing a virtual reality setup in our client’s dealership. Virtual reality is the next big marketing tool that is able to fully immerse the consumer into the product without high cost or high risk. The project goal was to get non-motorcycle riders to experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment. Our client was the first motorcycle dealership with a VR setup and always has a line of future riders waiting to try it out. Virtual reality is a primary component of future marketing and it’s exciting to see our industry adapt to this new technology.

From sales to photography, video editing to digital marketing, and consumer experience in virtual reality, I’ve done it all, and I can do it for you too. I invite you to browse my photos, my resume, my history, and check out my social media to see how connections are made not just between people, but a direct line of communication from your business straight to your clientele.  

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